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Customized Menus For Your Event

From duck confit to aloo gobi, our company creates the most delicious customized menus that are fit to feed a hungry crowd. Whether you are in search of southern comfort food or an elegant soirée menu, we come prepared to create a one-of-a-kind catering menu that will leave guests raving about the food at your event.

Burgerim Catering provides an exceptionally trained, service-oriented team to help serve your guests. Burgerim Catering also offers our state-of-the-art grills and fryers, tables, linens, beautiful platters, displays for your catered event.

Choices For Everyone Everywhere

Enjoy our delicious menus at your next catered event!  We  provide delicious alternatives to suit dietary preferences like vegetarian, gluten-free*, and vegan.


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Vegan Menu

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We serve beer and wine for adults 21 and over.

The majority of the caterer’s cost is often the food. Important factors to consider are:

1. How many courses are you considering serving for a meal? (i.e., appetizers, main course, dessert, etc.)

2. How many options in each course would you like to choose from?

3. What type of food would you like to serve?

Drinks are also an important item to consider. Do you plan to serve alcohol, non-alcoholic beverages, or both? What about coffee and tea service? The general reality is – the more food and more options you choose, the more it will cost.